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    Is a High Quality, Low Cost Spay - Neuter Clinic.


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    We also provide Pet Adoption, House & Pet Sitting


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    and a Food Pantry for Low Income People must be prequalified.


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    Welcome to Flagler Cats

    Flagler Cats is a High Quality, Low Cost Spay / Neuter Clinic. We also provide Pet Adoption Services, House & Pet Sitting and a Food Pantry for Low Income People (must be Prequalified).

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    Our History

    Flagler Cats Inc. was founded in 2004 by Mari Molina and a handful of volunteers, dedicated to the goal of ending cat homelessness through spay/neuter efforts. During the first years of the organization’s existence, only one clinic was needed per month with the help of 10-15 volunteers using an off-premises veterinarian.

    Between 2004-2017, Flagler Cats altered 9,661 cats. In 2010, Flagler Cats moved into it’s first brick and mortar location, on Moody Boulevard in Bunnell.

    In 2010, it became the first free standing not-for-profit organization in the state dedicated to providing spay/neuter to feral or free roaming cats. In 2013 as a part of the controlling overpopulation program, Flagler Cats started providing low cost spay/neuter for domestic or tame/pet cats.

    In 2013, Flagler Cats also moved to its current location on North State Street in Bunnell. The Spay/Neuter Clinic runs 2 days per week, with 1 veterinarian and 1 technician. Flagler Cats have a fantastic and ever-expanding volunteer workforce that makes the lifesaving work possible.

    As a grassroot organization, Flagler Cats began its operations with an exclusively volunteer workforce. Still today, daily clinic operations, special events, fundraising and donor relations would not be possible without the valued and dedicated volunteers who assist in the work at Flagler Cats.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to save the lives of homeless cats by providing access to high volume, high quality spay/neuter surgery in a safe and humane environment.

    Flagler Cats Inc. was the first to start a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program in Flagler County and has altered over 9,500 cats since the organization’s inception in 2004.

    Flagler Cats is the first free standing clinic that is dedicated to providing low-cost spay/neuter surgery for feral/free-roaming cats in a safe, high quality, humane environment. Cats from Daytona, Flagler, Putnam and St. Johns County have been brought to this clinic to be altered.

    All the feral/free-roaming cats arriving for surgery receive a basic health exam, rabies vaccination and an ear tip to clearly identify the cat as altered to avoid future trapping/transport for unnecessary surgery.

    In addition to spay/neuter surgery for feral/free-roaming cats, Flagler Cats also offer spay/neuter services for tame/pet cats needing access to surgery. Low-cost surgeries for tame/pet cats are done without ear tipping for a small fee.

    Surgery Days

    Looking for low-cost spay or neuter services in one visit? Flagler Cats has them.

    Flagler Cats - Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Prices

    Surgery Days are Monday through Thursday

    Call our office at 386-503-4250 to make an appointment. Payment for surgery is made when you make the appointment. If you cancel or are a no show your prepayment will convert to a donation to Flagler Cat, there are no refunds.

    Cats must weigh 2.5 pounds or more and be 3 months or older.

    No food or water past midnight the night before surgery.

    Drop off: 7:30 am - 8:30 am.

    Pick up: 3:00 pm - 3:30 pm.

    (If you are late, there is a $25 late fee per cat, No Exceptions), if your cat must be boarded overnight, there will be a $50.00 fee per cat.

    Spay / Neuter Domestic Pet Cats - cats must come in a hard carrier.

    Female: $55 (includes surgery, rabies vaccine).

    Male: $45 (includes surgery, rabies vaccine).

    Feral Cats: $25 (includes surgery, rabies vaccine, ear notch, and female will be tattooed). Feral cats must come in a Trucatch trap this is the only trap style that we will accept.


    Additional Services

    FVRCP Vaccine (Distemper) $16.00

    Leukemia Vaccine * $18.00

    Felv/FIV Test $28.00

    Microchip $20.00

    Nail Trim $12.00

    Ear Cleaning $15.00

    Flea Control (Revolution) $25.00

    Dewormer – Pyrantal $14.00

    Tapeworm Treatment (Praziquantal) $15.00

    E-Collar $7.00

    Pregnant or In Heat $10.00 extra

    Cryptorchid, Hernia or Mass Removal $15-75 Extra

    Rescue Group No Show per Cat $15.00

    Rescue Group Microchip Insert ** $3.00

    Every cat must be tested for Leukemia before receiving Leukemia vaccine **$1.00


    We accept donations via


    Pet Setting


    Do you ever worry about subjecting your pet to undue stress or the possibility of disease and parasites while on vacation or even at work? Flagler Cats Pets Sitting strives to relieve unnecessary concern by providing in-house services aimed at keeping your pet safe and comfortable in their own environment.


    House Visit* $15 per visit


    House Visit* $15 per visit
    Exotics and Other Pets
    House Visit* $12 per visit

    Other Services

    Overnight stay (includes evening before and morning after) $35 Owners will provide their pet food and treats.

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